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Avanthay&Partners real estate intends to discretely assist you throughout the various stages necessary to purchase or sell a property. AP is well known for its quality services and its professionalism. We want to give you the opportunity to make your dreams come true, i.e. to be the owner of a real estate in the Alps in a unique living environment while benefiting from the expertise of an agency established in Champéry for decades.

- Visit and setup of a property file
- Analysis of the sales price / reports / quotes
- Home staging of property and marketing
- Search of potential buyers and visits
- Negotiation with parties
- Loan origination
- Assistance of the parties upon signing the Sales Contract
- Tax issues


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Over the years, Avanthay&Partners real estate has built a housing stock of more than 60 apartments and chalets for rent.

We are committed to meeting your comfort requirements and we therefore provide you with hotel services and facilities upon demand, such as:

For the tenant:
- Private transfer from Geneva and Sion airports
- Guest service upon arrival and assistance with luggage
- Laundry service / material support / housekeeping
- Janitorial service
- Home chef service

For the owner:
- Technical and administrative mangement of the property
- Management of accounts with separate cash positions
- Material support and estate management


Property management

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Avanthay SA real estate agency manages several residences in Champéry and surroundings.

- Technical, administrative and financial management
- Accounting records and distribution of service charges
- General assembly meetings, minutes
- Analysis and management of insurance policies
- Claims management
- Tax issues

form an integral part of the services provided with rigor and transparency by our qualified and dedicated team.

Residence services

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Avanthay&Partners real estate takes care of the management and supervision of your property when you are away.

- Administrative management
- Mail collection
- Payment of invoices
- Tax return
- Technical supervision
- Periodic cleaning and maintenance services
- Commissioning of necessary works and follow-up

Home staging

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Avanthay&Partners real estate develops home staging, based on a set of techniques which permit to put in the best conditions a property for sale or for rent. Thus it is a kind of real estate marketing.

It is intended to show off the property at a lower cost. Usually, a purchaser knows from the first minute if he likes the dwelling or not. It is recognized that 90% of the real estate purchase would be done further to a "coup de cœur".

With a minimum of involvement (in time and money), the home staging specialist prepares a place suitable for selling or renting out thanks to staging.

Some history...

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What comes first in mind is his commitment to civil society, his fight to improve the life of a small community in rural mountain which opened up to tourists more than 150 years ago. In the 50’s, he’s been indeed part of the group of precursors – along with Jean-Maurice Trombert or Michel Bochatay – who had understood very soon how necessary it was to cast the lot of the tiny resort of Val d’Illiez with its French neighbors in order to found the world single largest ski resort of les Portes du Soleil. These friends set aside local rivalries and gave the impetus which made it possible for the valley to
have its name printed on the international touristic maps. By doing so, they provided new and longstanding economic opportunities for its inhabitants.